Contributed by: Anonymous

Story from: Nablus, Palestine

Dear Future Husband,

I wake up every sunrise first giving Love to my Beloved, God. I thank Him for all that He has blessed me with.

Then you come in my dear future husband, the one who has no name, no image but plenty of deep feelings toward. I pray to God to send me - you, the man I have dreamt of for days upon days.

I find my heart singing in beautiful melodies songs of love to you beating with deep love as if our souls were dancing passionately in the sky.

But then during this heavenly song and dance, my mind interrupts only to bring me down to Earth, away from you, to poison me with the worst poison towards Love - Doubt.

Faith and Doubt have their mortal combat battle. Faith standing tall that you are with me, you are on your way and you are coming. Doubt standing tall that you my dear future husband are but only a figment of my imagination and I will forever be alone.

But every time Doubt forgets one irreplaceable thing that I have and that is my first Beloved which is God. He is my first love, my source of infinite love and mercy. The reason why my heart truly sings in heavenly melodies of love.

After every battle, Faith wins knowing that having lived a life rooted in faith is a much better life lived than a life rooted in doubt.

Today is October 25th dear future husband. When you will come God only knows but I will keep this cherished space for you and take care of it as a farmer watches over his land by

rooting it in healthy nutritious soil,

watering it,

giving it light and

most importantly love.

With Love,

Your Future Wife

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First, a big thank you to the beautiful woman in Jordan for sharing her story. It was such a beautiful reminder of the need and power of investing in faith rather than doubt.

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