Writing my first post here makes me nervous, excited and filled with life as I think of the amazing things that can happen. I easily could have listened to that small voice in me that says Who do you think you are to launch your own website? Who do you think you are to share your thoughts and life experiences? Who do you..etc..etc. 

But focusing on the positive things is truly an art and requires much dedication. I've always wanted to launch my own site where I would share my experiences and create a space where people can share theirs too but I always found an excuse not to.. It wasn't perfect, no time, i'm not ready, I don't have enough ideas...etc. But this past month I learnt that my arthritis has become the destructive kind where my bones are slowly being eroded. At first I let it swallow me, where I just felt completely defeated and overwhelmed by the word 'destructive'. 

I then realized that we are all slowly being eroded in some form or another, where we are all headed closer to the end. What makes us different from each other is how we lived until we reach that end. So today as I have tried in the past, aim to live a life so full, so expansive, so filled with everything i've dreamt of and to share it with the people i'm so blessed to have. 

I pray that this space encourages you to do whatever it is you always wanted to do but always found a 'good' excuse not to do it. I pray that this reminds you that you are never alone and that you always have a place to belong to. I pray that this reminds you of what a beautiful soul you are and that wherever you are is also beautiful if only you allow your eyes to see it. 

God bless,