When we look at what makes up our individuals lives we have so many pieces to it. Just simply look at what you need to do to step out of the house in the morning - you need to shower, go to the restroom, dress up, drink some water, maybe eat some breakfast and finally put on your shoes to start your day officially out into the world that awaits you.


But did you ever take a second to think how amazing it is to be able to put your shoes on so easily? to find shoes that fit just right? to find shoes that make walking easy and effortless?


Personally, I never really gave it a thought in the past. I used to focus on finding the shoe that just simply worked, looked good and did the job and thought - next! Today, having gone through my personal difficulties of walking easily, of having inflammation jump around to possibly hit any part of my body including my feet, I no longer see a pair of shoes simply as a pair of shoes - especially not today. 

Why not today you think? Well because today was a great day. Today I finally stepped out of my house with a pair of shoes that were so comfortable, so padded and also so pretty to look at! I finally found shoes that allowed me to walk without limping. Shoes that make me feel like a normal, beautiful and fashionable woman. and because of those shoes, today was a great and blessed day. Funny how something so small can make a day so special.

It's so easy to take the many things we have in our lives for granted and so hard to really appreciate everything we have be it small or large every single second of every day. But from my personal experiences in life I've been forced to wake up and to do my best to never again take anything for granted. The simple ingredients to not taking life for granted are:

  1. Pay Attention (be aware of what it is you have)
  2. Recognize why you have what you have
  3. Be grateful for it
  4. Take care of it
  5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 (because it takes training, commitment and discipline - so lets get going with the appreciation of life!)

I hope these words have helped in some way and I hope you have the blessed chance to not have a harsh awakening and to really enjoy, be aware, and be grateful for what you already have - even your cute pair of shoes. 

With Happy Feet,