Have you ever just wished you could put the pause button on life so you can catch your breath? Unless you're superwoman/man, I'm pretty sure you said yes. 

Life for some reason keeps throwing things at us, it's either work, family, friends, partners, money.. etc etc making us become major jugglers of the duties in life. I found myself after juggling for years, stressed out and almost burnt out - i'm sure many of you can relate. But I realized the more and more I went through life that, it's okay to drop some balls. Here are some things I've started doing to make sure I keep the most needed balls in the air while enjoying being the juggler of duties in my life: 

  1. List out all the things you have to do and break them down by categories and sub categories. (Make the goals reachable & attainable - read example below)
  2. Reorganize them by highest to lowest priority. 
  3. Tackle the highest priority and try to set realistic deadlines.
  4. Be strict and kind with yourself. You need to do your best to reach the deadlines but some things are out of our hands so be kind with yourself.
  5. Schedule time for yourself so you don't burn out and are sustainable. 
  6. Enjoy the juggling and achieving process. 
  7. Breathe.  


Example of breaking down categories:

  • Large category: Furnish the apartment. This is quite a large & daunting task so break it down into smaller more reachable categories:
  • Medium category: Furnish bed room, bathroom, living room and kitchen 
  • Smaller category: Furnish bedroom - 1) Write list of items needed for the room 2) Research places to buy 3) Visit places 4) Buy the items such as bed, side tables..etc. Here you made the tasks more actionable and less daunting. and now you can better juggle!

What are you juggling? and how are you prioritizing it?


We often here that life is about the journey not the end goal so let's start enjoying the journey every day deeper and deeper. Do your best and always have your standard of best increase. Most importantly enjoy the process of doing it because in the end you either enjoy it or you don't, and who doesn't want to enjoy life? 

With a prioritized & happy mind,