Having arthritis has brought me many difficulties in life but more importantly it has taught me the value of every second, minute and day. It showed me how a day can carry so many challenges and opportunities where a “bad” day can easily turn into a beautiful day - if only one is aware enough to seize the moment.


Today is a new day. The next minute is a new minute, the next second is a new second. They are not only new but are true opportunities to start fresher, better and stronger. We live with 1,440 minutes and 86,400 seconds in a single day. Ask yourself how many of these minutes and seconds do you really utilize? Do you really use them to start again, to push harder, to live more fully? If not then no worries, you’ve got the next second just waiting for you – just don’t take it for granted for much longer. Today is your day.


With Love in this moment,