As I cast my vote today for a presidential candidate for the first time, I felt amazing, blessed and empowered as I was able to voice my opinion for the first time, or so I thought. 

I found myself thinking I wish I could feel like that everyday. Then I realized that I do have the chance to feel like that every day because every thought, word and action we have is a sort of internal voting. It's a voting for the path that has led us to our current life and to our future lives. The only question is for what are you voting for? 

I always like to keep it simple and break things down into 2 categories: Am I investing in a positive or negative path? and more specifically for me am I investing in a path that brings me closer to God or farther away? Meaning:

  • with thoughts do they lead to a positive mindset? or are there hidden thoughts that contain fear and negativity?
  • with words are they words of kindness, equality and positivity? or do you they contain subtle judgement of others and maybe even judgement of yourself?
  • with actions are they actions of positive impact in your own life and in others? or are they actions that cause harm to your own life and/or others?

 So really think about it, reflect and be aware of your next thought, your next word and action and ask yourself where is it taking you and where are you taking yourself. What are you voting for?

Vote for a beautiful life and work hard towards it. 

A Happy Voter,