Loss i’ve realized is a key experience of life. We have all experienced some kind of loss, be it in the passing of loved ones, loss of friendships that you thought would last forever, loss of money, jobs, dreams, a country..

I did the mistake in the past of not giving loss the attention it deserved, where I always wanted to rush to happiness and stepped over loss so quickly. This on a deeper level meant I never really addressed the deep emotions that accompany loss such as sadness, fear, anger, even guilt sometimes.

Today, realizing that loss is going nowhere from my life (be it in small or large dosages) here are a few simple things that I’m planning on doing to develop a healthier relationship with loss:

1.       Acknowledge the loss that occurred

2.       Feel the emotions you want to feel – give your emotions a place to breathe. Let sadness, fear, anger..etc speak. Don’t suppress it and don’t feel guilty for feeling them.

3.       Find a strong community to cope with the loss. Crying, laughing, talking are essential to healing. You do not have to go through it alone.

4.       Embrace the new you. Experiencing loss is part of growing up, so look at yourself in the mirror and congratulate yourself on living through another chapter in life. Don’t despair, but be thankful for another day you have here to experience the easy and tough times of life.

5.       Focus on your heart. Keep your heart open, don’t let it close or become hard. The world needs your open heart and most importantly you need it to really live.

6.       Live everyday as if it is your last as it really may be your last day. Don't take anything in life for granted because loss may be right around the corner. 


With an open heart,