We women are good at plenty of amazing things but story telling our personal life scenarios is not one of them.Our storytelling specifically when it comes to love is often sadly self destructive, more specifically when it is our own personal love story. For example, not hearing from him for 1 day suddenly means he is not interested or he is not calling because he thinks you are not smart enough or you have a fat chin... What?

But funny enough our girl friends typically create the other extreme of love story telling which is also destructive - that he is into you no matter what. For example, if he hasn't called in a week a friend may say but I'm sure he is thinking of you he must be busy with helping his grandmother (keep in mind we don't even know if she's alive- but hey it must be true!). 

Settle for a love like this. It's worth the wait. 

Settle for a love like this. It's worth the wait. 


I've been at fault for both scenarios and neither have helped me find love and/or stay in love because what is not true can not simply last. To keep it simple if he is into you he will find the time to call you. If he doesn't message in a short period doesn't mean he no longer wants you or you're not good enough or whatever sad story you may make up, it simply is that he hasn't messaged. 

But keep the following in strong tact while you go on this love adventure: 

  1. Self love all day every day.
  2. Remember your values.
  3. See things for as they are - there is no space for what's not true.
  4. If he isn't into you then move on and don't let this affect your self confidence because treasures take time to be found and soon you will find yours and he will find you.
  5. Enjoy the madness of finding love - 15 years down the road you'll look back and laugh so why not laugh from now?

With Lots of Love,