I contemplated between the words Woman vs Women, thinking which one is stronger? I thought of the individual beauty, strength and force of nature of a motivated woman. But as life would have it each woman will face challenges - challenges that may knock her down, challenges in love, money, career, faith, sex, self-esteem..etc. 

Then I started imagining what if we multiplied this force of nature by just 2 - how much greater of a force will she be now that she's part of a team who can pick her up when needed? Then I imagined her growing into a team of 15, 100, why not even 150,000! Imagine the greatness to come out of that. Imagine the forces. Imagine the positive power. 


But this positive force of power is built upon a few assumptions in my head with the biggest one being.. I assume that we women want the best for each other- for my fellow woman, my future sisters. I assume jealousy is not even a word to be thought of, felt or acted upon.

Today I have turned these assumptions into beliefs because I know I will meet both types of women (1) the women who want the best for me (2) the women who are insecure and want to put me down. But I will choose every day to continue putting my own force of nature into empowering the women who are selfless and I know without a doubt that we will win. We will win over the women who stop in our way and we will win the men who thought for a mere second of stopping us. Just watch us. 


Cheers to all of the forces of nature out there!

- Aida