Every thought, word, action you think, say and do is leading you somewhere. Some things are a little subtler than others but everything is a movement towards something. In my many conversations with people of all ages and phases I am constantly surprised that people are not connecting the dots of their everyday habits to their ideal bigger picture. The norm has become that people complain asking why haven’t they been able to live the life they have dreamt of.  

A tool that has helped in my life to live towards my ideal bigger picture is something simple and obvious but oh so often overlooked - Making intentional thoughts, words and actions that take you to your ideal bigger picture.

Our thoughts, words and actions are simple habits that either take us further away or closer to our ideal life. So as you progress in your day, try and take a step back today to visualize what is the bigger picture you are striving for? Ask yourself, are you really taking control of your three powers – your thoughts, words and actions – and using them to get you closer to what you are striving for?


Time is short and life will not wait for us to change our habits so take today as your prime opportunity to connect the dots in your life to align to your bigger picture in a better and more beautiful way.

With Love,