I tried to close my eyes and ears from the events happening in the US with the post election but pretending that things are ok and will be ok drove me crazy. I went through the phases of a breakup: Denial, sadness, anger, shock, and now in the stage of fostering self-love.

But what is self-love these days? Is it taking care of you and you alone? or is it taking care of yourself and your neighbor when s/he isn't able to? or being a voice for the people who are voiceless? 

Today, we need each other more than ever. We need to use our own strengths to complement another friends weakness. This is not the time to be divided, but its the time to unite over the true American values that I have come to love: Freedom, Democracy, Respect and Unity through Diversity. 

Think today how can you serve as a voice for the voiceless? You can have more of an impact than you can imagine. If you haven't already, start today.

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