In my Uber ride yesterday, I thought of how I was going to feel as I  would start to take down the pieces of my art from Dolcezza - the first place to exhibit my art (an item off my bucket-list). I envisioned mixed emotions of happiness and sadness. 

As I stepped into Dolcezza I stopped for a second to absorb the 6 pieces of me on the walls and smiled. I took my steps toward taking the 6 pieces down and as I did my heart was surprisingly filled with not a trace of sadness but only with intense gratitude - gratitude to God and life for opening opportunities, gratitude to Dolcezza for supporting local talent, gratitude to my friends and family for their incredible support, and gratitude to myself for being brave enough to step out of my comfort zone , go after what I wanted and to have shared one of the most personal aspects of me - my art. 

Today I celebrate the beautiful experience I had and raise my glass to many many more with a heart filled with gratitude and excitement! and cheers to you too and the beautiful things you can and will do with your life! Happy new year everyone, may it be filled with items ticked off your bucket-list!


With a grateful heart,