July 2015 was the last time I ran. The last time I enjoyed what I thought were my strong legs and feet that carried me miles and miles around the beautiful city of DC. 


Arthritis hit back strong in the last two years and at times walking was an act I missed very much. I thought walking was a far away dream but thankfully it has manifested and I now walk around the streets of DC happily. 

But now, my next challenge is to run again. I want to run so fast that people think Usain Bolt just passed through! (ok maybe not Mr.Bolt, but you get the idea!). The question is how am I going succeed this challenge? The simple answer is by focusing on this goal with daily persistence.

Here are a few things that help me when I plan to tackle a challenge that seems so difficult:

  1. Make your goal as clear and specific as possible. The more details the better.
  2. Make daily sub goals towards it. For example if your goal is to run then run for 10 blocks, if you can't run then do squats to strengthen your legs. If you can't do squats then do setups to strengthen your abs that will help make you fitter and run faster. If you can't do anything physical then drink a protein smoothie that will make your body healthier and help you become physically better. Whatever you choose to do make sure it contributes to that overarching goal.
  3. Measure your progress so you can see your moving forward. Sometimes you will need to pivot your position and thats ok. Stay focused and flexible at the same time. 
  4. Visualize how success would feel. 
  5. Celebrate the process. If you don'y enjoy the process then what's the point of doing it. Life's short so make sure you incorporate a bit (or lots) of fun!
  6. Be happy with or without this goal. The only way to get something i've realized is if you are completely full without it. 

Wish me luck as I embark on my running goal. Good luck on yours!

With a Focused Mind,