Normal. A word that I sometimes deeply miss. 

Story of February 25th 2017:

8:00 am Megan, the awesome DC photographer walks in. 

8:10 am We are on the rooftop ready to have a fashion photoshoot. 

10:00 am All 5 outfits photographed and hunger is kicking in. 

11:00 am Stomachs are fed, caffeine has kicked in. Time to review photos. 

fast forward to 3:00 pm 

3:01 pm In bed Arthritis has awaken and extreme fatigue (a common side effect of autoimmunity) wants to be my buddy. 

5:00 pm Still in bed resting unable to move. I ask myself, how can my body go from one extreme to the other? From jumping on the rooftop to stuck in bed?How can my body fail me all of a sudden with no warning? and thats when I missed the word normal. 

5:01 pm I cancel plans with friends. 

I feel guilty that I have become the person who often cancels at the last minute. I worry they don't understand. I feel sad that I have to miss out on some good times with friends. 

Fast forward to 6:20 pm. 

6:21 pm I write this article because I need to remind myself that this is ok. I write this article to remind whoever is going through something similar that it will be ok and that it is ok. Being normal is not what we are here for. Using our life experiences to better ourselves, to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, to never take a single damn second for granted.. that is what we are here for. 

And its in days like this when I experience two extremes that I am refueled to take each day and live to the max because its a freaking beautiful day that will only happen once. Don't take it for granted. Live. 

6:33 pm Published.