I don't keep it a secret that I have certain health issues and I certainly don't hide the struggles I face with that. I asked myself why do I share these? Why do I put myself out there and share those most vulnerable moments in my life? and its when I had another scare yesterday did I realize the answer. 


After being healthy and 70% closer to being "normal" and pain-free, yesterday everything hit my body as if i've been hammered between two walls. My whole body hurt, things I didn't know could hurt, hurt. At first I said this will pass, but after hour #2, #4, #6 I panicked. I panicked because I was scared to go back to that life which wasn't so long ago. 

I rushed to my acupuncturist who always does magic and boom somehow the pain all went away! Imagine the mental pressure from experiencing one extreme to the other. Wouldn't it drive you crazy? 

And that's when I realized I needed an outlet. I needed a place where I can be reminded that things are going to be ok when the word ok seems so far away, to be reminded that I am strong no matter what and that these struggles will only make me stronger if I allow them to. 

When I write these posts, I have no idea how many people read them, how many people resonate with them but to whoever is reading this I wanted to say that you are never alone, that you will get through whatever struggle you face. You are strong enough. You can do this. Lets take charge of this awesome day ahead of us.

With a Strong Will,