For the past week my stomach has been turned inside and out. I've been out of balance, tired and nervous. I kept asking myself why and I couldn't quite put my finger on it until last night. 

Last night, I decided to paint, to paint for me, to paint what my heart was feeling, to paint without caring about the outcome, to paint without worrying whether people will or will not like my work. Then as I got lost in it, I finally created a piece that I was happy with, a piece that had a piece of me. and that's when it hit me as to why I have been so out of balance - it's because i've been worrying about people's approval a lot more this week.

What triggered this? It was the announcement of my 2nd upcoming art exhibit. The thought of putting my art out there for thousands of people to see over two months made me so nervous and clouded my mind. I am putting myself out there so clearly to be judged to be either - liked, hated or seen indifferently. and that scared me. As I sat with that thought more I realized we all do that every single second of every day, with every word, action and even our presence, what we decide to wear is sending out a signal to the world to judge to either - like, hate or be indifferent towards you. 

So given that you will always be judged no matter what you do, it becomes even more important to be true to yourself, true to your values and principles, true to you. Because in the end you have to be content with yourself. there is only one you in this world so own up to it, live it and celebrate it. The world can not create another you, so keep on exploring yourself and sharing it with the world!

Photography by Megan Won

Photography by Megan Won


With A Proud Mind,