Everyday I start with envisioning my top 3 goals. I envision how it would feel to have them accomplished; What I am going to do to get closer to fulfilling them this week and I envision a week that will support me in getting them done amazingly and more. 

In my Uber ride this morning to work I thought of my goals but this time what my heart was really craving was connection. Connection to God, connection to my daily work, connection to my friends and family, connection to the potential person I will love - simply connection to the things in life that will push me forward. 

Photo by Megan Won 

So as you embark on starting your new week think of -  your goals, Why are you connected to these goals; What are you doing to feel more connected to them? What are you doing to really live them and make them manifest?

My goal for this week is to simply feel more connected. and i'll plan on doing that through the following:

  1. Connecting to God: He is my strength always. He reminds me that I am nothing but everything with Him. This week, I will intentionally set out more time to meditate, pray, find the silent spaces during the day to recenter to my core, to go to the infinite. 
  2. Connecting to Work: I put work here second because we spend 8-9 hours of our day there, 5 times a week. So if you are not connected there, then where are you connected? 
  3. Connecting to Family and Friends: We as humans need people, we are communal beings. This week I intend to connect to old, current and new friends to simply check-in, ask how are you doing? 
  4. Connecting to Love: Being single and not having had the best luck in that department, i'm reshaping how I approach love. I am going to approach it with my high standards, the standards that emphasize individual wholeness, happiness, mutual respect, and true support. I'll connect to those qualities and let go of the rest. 

Whatever your goal may be for the month, week or hour try to approach it this time with more connection. Take a moment before you do the task that is getting you closer to your goal, feel your breath, really look around you, look at yourself - maybe even smile while you take a deep breath in. Then fill yourself with the feelings you would want to feel when you achieve your goal. Then dive in!! Dive in with every part of yourself to achieving that goal of yours because there is no guarantee of tomorrow. 

Today is your day.

With a Trying to Be Connected Mind, Heart & Soul,