Yesterday was the launch of my 2nd art exhibit at Artomatic and over 300 people came and heard the story of each piece. I wish words could express how grateful I am to every single person who came last night from my close friends, to familiar faces to strangers who become new friends.

Thank you for sharing your valuable time with me and for listening to the story behind each piece. Your attention and time has filled me with such a deep gratitude. 

Thank you for helping make one of my dreams come true. This is another confirmation that you can turn any "bad" situation into a beautiful one. Keep on living, growing and giving. 

With A Grateful Heart, 


Some pictures from yesterday:

To visit Artomatic here are the hours info

Location: 1800 S Bell St Arlington VA, 22202.

My art is located on the 8th floor in room 8414. Happy to be there at the time of your visit, just get in touch through the contact page on my website :)