Sometimes I wish I could push the pause button on life and get a breather. It's like when you get kicked to the ground and then as soon as you get up you get punched and fall again. Today I found myself asking when is my break? Will it ever come? I talked to another two friends sharing those thoughts and I found them in the same position. 

Art piece inspired by the chaos in life

Art piece inspired by the chaos in life

Life is so temporary. It will not wait for you while you get your strength to get back up. Life will move on with or without you. So you need something that will keep you centered no matter what life hits you with, something that will keep you true to your higher self, something that will make you shine no matter what. 

That for me is God, or Divine power, whatever you may be calling this power today. This Higher power keeps me hopeful, keeps me strong and allows me to most importantly expand and grow rather than shrink when life hits me with another challenge. What is your center that will keep you going through these tough times you will inevitably face? 

Other than keeping my prayers centered in my life, i've found the following things helpful to have a quick bounce back up from challenges:

  1. Stop and breathe. That deadline you are working on can wait for 5 minutes. 
  2. Let the emotions come out. We so often hear no don't cry or don't be angry but i've found by allowing yourself to release those emotions lets them pass by quicker. So release them. Be angry then breathe.
  3. Reach out to people. It took me a while to do this but now I tell my friends I need you today. This sentence empowered me so much because I allowed myself to be vulnerable and more importantly I allowed myself to have a community, a true community that is there during the ups and downs of life.
  4. Make a list of things you are grateful for. After releasing all those negative emotions you need to actively refocus your mind to the positive things and the best way to do that is through expressing gratitude. 
  5. Make a step by step plan on your next move in life. For example if your challenge was a financial challenge, breaking it into reachable steps makes it much easier to achieve as it won't overwhelm you when you compare it to saying you need to pay off $30k of debt. No think of it as, I will spend less on this, save on this, work on that..etc 
  6. Consciously enjoy the ride of the ups and downs. Really, go enjoy it. Go now and do something you love. You won't get today back. 

Here's my art piece dedicated to finding your center amid the chaos. I hope you find yours. 


With a centered mind, body and spirit,