Today on a rainy Saturday morning, while walking, limping and laughing with my dear friend in DC, we found infront of us a huge mural with the sign that says Never Give Up surrounded by hearts of all colors. Ofcourse we immediately did a photoshoot for our social media postings, it is after all a pretty awesome background.

While I was having my picture taken, I felt an intense gratitude towards life because only yesterday was my whole body aching from pain due to my arthritis and I felt defeated once again. But today, I stood so proud infront of the Never Give Up mural because I knew that I embodied that message and live it every single day through my thoughts, words and actions with constant training.

So whatever you are going through, I hope this blog post or this mural or anything else around you helps remind you that you are strong, and you should never. give. up. ever. 

Keep your goal clear infront of you.

Keep being aware of your thoughts, words and actions.

Keep training your thoughts, words and actions to get better.

Keep yourself surrounded with awesome people who will remind you never to give up on the days you forget.

Keep enjoying today because there will never be one like it again. and that's a fact. 

With a Strong-Willed Mind,