Being someone who constantly needs to achieve taking a vacation may come as a challenge. The thought of doing nothing and not working made me so restless but after forcing myself to not work for a week I realized the great importance of taking true time off (not being on a beach and checking work email every 5 minutes- I know we've all done that before!)

Fast forward to today, the end of my much needed vacation, I found myself so energized to go back to work, to go the office, work with my boss and colleagues, to be with my awesome community, and to be back in my new city that I call home - Washington DC.


Having stepped back from my day to day activities in DC I found time to ask myself very simple yet essential questions that I believe may also help you in evaluating whether you are on the right path or not. 

1)      Do you feel excited to go back to do your daily work? If yes, what is it that excites you? Consciously knowing what it is will help you expand it. If no, what is it that is draining you? Address it before you get further sucked into it.

2)      Do you look forward to working with your boss? Your colleagues? If yes or no, why? Being conscious of what you look forward to or don't helps in knowing how to manage the people around you to better complement each other. 

3)      Do you feel valued at work? This is an essential piece because if you don't feel valued then your quality of work will go down, you will be demotivated and eventually it will impact your personal life. If you do feel valued then make sure you return the appreciation, realize what you are valued for and aim to get better. Self reflect if you honestly need to improve your performance or do you need to simply voice it to your boss that things need to change? Whatever it is if it's a no it needs to change.

4)      Do you feel your are being of enough value? If yes then make note of what you are doing that is of value and aim to do it better. If no, rethink of what does your company need? What assets (skills) do you have and how can you better use them?

5)      Do you have a community that supports you and helps make going"to the real world" back that much more enjoyable? Humans are naturally communal people so if this is lacking then invest in it. Invest in getting to know people, and I emphasize the right people- people who will take you forward not backward and help you grow better as I'm sure you will help them too.

6)    Simply, are you happy?

If you've answered too many no's you may want to rethink and reevaluate where you are. I was previously in a position where I had too many no's and after working to fix them I found some were out of my control so I mapped out where makes the most sense to get the most yes's and I moved to DC. 2 years later I have yes's to all my questions. It wasn't easy but it was worth it because a life lived unhappy is a life not lived.

Now I leave myself and you with the question - how can you get better to create You 3.0? Not 2.0 but 3.0. The world is waiting for you.