You know that moment when life gives you a moment to breathe, everything seems great and smooth then boom it hits you with something that simply sucks. Today was one of those days for me. As you may know I have arthritis that seems to have a life of its own and today it woke up causing me to be in pain all over this morning. But this blog post is not about arthritis and the pain it causes, it is about the attitude I have had to learn to develop to cope with what I call Life Boom Hitters.

My latest painting with finger painted acrylic, candle wax and Arabic writing on it: "Your soul is stronger than you think"

My latest painting with finger painted acrylic, candle wax and Arabic writing on it: "Your soul is stronger than you think"

Here's what I did today and hope to repeat whenever I get hit with another boom. I hope this list may help you in whatever life situation you may be in (and if you have any additional to share please send or comment below!). For now, lets dig in:

  1. Recognize the pain or challenge you have. Don't try to ignore it and pretend it's not there, trust me i've tried and only got bitten in the.... 
  2. Let out the emotions you naturally feel with it. Sad? Angry? Anxiety? Whatever it is let it out, it is like letting out poison. It's good for you.
  3. Put the pause button. Funny enough, emailing my boss that i'll be out sick was the hardest part of this process but it is necessary for your recovery. Put the pause button.
  4. Breathe. Always take a moment to deeply breathe, it will make every boom situation better. 
  5. Seek help. Call a friend, a brother, a neighbor, a mentor. If you need help, seek help. 
  6. Put good music on. Music reaches your soul in such a deep way, so I blasted happy feel good music to make this process a bit lighter. I know it may be tempting to put some angry or depressing music but push yourself to put that upbeat or soothing song, it will make you feel better. Give it a try. 
  7. Write a 1 page list of the things you are grateful for. Why? Because it is easy to forget about the beautiful things in your life when you are at a low point so putting a conscious effort to remember those amazing things in your life such as a safe home, family, food, friends..etc really gives a person strength during the rough times. 
  8. Work on a solution with a lot of sub-steps. The most important thing here is the sub-steps. Why? Because a big solution may seem overwhelming and unreachable so break it down into simple, reachable steps. For me, my step today was to drink a turmeric drink. Will this cure my arthritis? No. But it certainly aids in reducing inflammation and that simple step is a great step forward towards healing. 
  9. Write a list of ways you can have the problem solved. Be as wild and creative as possible. 
  10. Train your brain to invest in the solution and hope list rather than the what if negative list. We all know its easier to go the latter route, but you are a leader and you can and should invest in the positive solution list. 
  11. Remember and repeat this statement: Your soul is stronger than you think. Because it really is, if only you allow it to be. 

With Love,