Every single person I have met is going through a single struggle or more. When they say no one’s life is perfect, it's true. But as I continued to talk to people, listen and most importantly observe the difference between the happy and unhappy people, I found that attitude was the biggest factor that categorized them in the happy vs unhappy group. I found myself slowly leaning towards the latter group, so I decided to press the restart button & launch my new chapters on the pursuit of happiness. Please, join me.


In life we will always have two options, always. You either go after your dreams or you don’t; you either commit to being healthy or you don’t as I said in my NewThink Theatre speech in 2014 (watch it here in full). There are no grey areas when it comes to decisions because every thought, word and action you take is leading you somewhere, the only question is, where is that somewhere? Have you trained your thoughts to believe you deserve that job you always wanted? Have you used your words to speak kindly about your body if your goal is to be healthy? Have you said yes to people who are everything you don’t want to be just because they are the people you are used to?


Today, I looked at myself in the mirror and I heard myself say, Aida I know life has been hard and at age 27 you did not imagine you would have gone through as much as you already did. Congratulate yourself for showing up today, congratulate yourself for winning yesterdays battle, and be thankful for whats coming today because it will be beautiful if you allow it to be.

After my own pep talk, I opened my Tao Te Ching and found the below chapter that as life would have it was exactly what I needed to hear to learn how to enjoy both the high and low points of life.


Here’s my recap of it:

  • Accept where you find yourself in the highs and lows just like the oceans and lakes do
  • Let yourself flow with life while always remembering your true self, stick to your values whether you are at the high or the low
  • Build depth within yourself, you will need it always especially in the low times
  • Find and be Compassion. You will always win with it, even when its only between yourself
  • Trust and live for something bigger than yourself
  • Go after what you want in peace. Violence or aggression will never get you there

So, on this beautiful Monday lets all press the restart button. Lets approach the thing we love with more love, lets let go of the things that do not make us better and lets live life a bit better together right now. 

With a Happy Mind,