I've been working hard to turn my bad into beautiful and today i've got the results to show it! I was thankfully the MOST voted for artist at the RAW Artists event at Howard Theater that happened this past May. How is this related to turning bad into beautiful? 

Some of you may know that I started painting when I learnt I had permanent damage in my hands, and to top it all of I was unemployed looking for a job and being asked the question What makes you special?. That question of why me and the hurt from my damaged hand put me in a "bad" place. But going back to my true nature, I didn't let it defeat me and focused on why not me and focused on turning my "bad" into beautiful by finger painting and celebrating what I could still use with those damaged hands by creating what I like to think is beautiful art. Here's my 3 min video that says it all. 

I didn't settle for creating art for myself because I wanted to show people that even if you are so called broken you can shine, create, grow and make a difference. Being the most voted for artist is just another sign that you can do anything you want and guess what i've never taken a single painting class but I had the drive, passion, dedication and inspiration to make it happen. Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't do what you love. If you have a "bad" situation in your life, invest in the thinking of how can you turn it into beautiful? Trust me it is a beautiful process if you let it be. 

If you are stuck in your thinking, please reach out to me. I live to help people in this transformation because I will never forget those who whispered, cheered, and supported me in turning what brought the most pain to me to become the most beautiful thing in my life.

aida raw 2.jpg

Thank you to RAW Artists for letting me share my art with DC, thank you to Howard Theater for hosting us, thank you to every single person who voted for me, thank you to every person who showed up and shared the love. and thank you to everyone who has helped me remember my beautiful when I forgot. 

I am so grateful. Cheers to many more beautiful transformations! #keepturningbadintobeautiful

With Love,