How many times did you lie to people about your desire to get married?

Let me rephrase.

How many times did you life to yourself about your desire to get married?

Yesterday I went to the movies with a few friends and the first advertisement was for engagement and wedding rings. Here you had two immediate and opposite responses:

Me: Smiling and feeling so excited to get mine because I am ready for marriage. But I do that because I am now ready to meet the man who is serious and feel full while he finds his way to me (it took time and training to be able to do that).

Friend: Ugh, this is so cheesy. I don’t even want an engagement ring.

Picture from Tiffany & Co

Picture from Tiffany & Co

I quickly turned to look at her surprised because I knew that we were both ready for a serious relationship. I inquired about her response and after a few sentences exchanged, she said she actually wanted an engagement ring (she even showed me the ring she wants and it is beautiful, unique and special just like her). So what did I take away from this?

It is that many of us lie to our friends and more importantly lie to ourselves about what we really desire. There is nothing wrong in wanting to get married. There is nothing wrong in enjoying the cheesy stuff. Being single does not make you any less worth having these things.

I have also seen many close friends who are in relationships deny that they want to get married because they are scared to scare away the man (or woman) they are with.

If you are in such a position, take a step back and understand why are you afraid of speaking the truth of your desires.

Why are you denying them?

By not sharing you desires does this take you closer or further away from what you want? How much time are you willing to wait and are you waiting because of your fear of rejection (to hear that your love never wants to get married) or because the timing simply does not make sense now (your love is in job changes and it’s just not suitable timing)

In keeping up with the theme of the two stories receives for Day 10 and 11, you have the power within you. Start believing and living it.

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