Contributed by: An anonymous woman

Story from: New York

A Man I Met 29 Days Ago

29 days ago you were a stranger.

Today I find myself not knowing how did I carry on life without you.

My mind is clouded.

Is it you? or is it the concept of you?

How can I have every cell in my body wanting you with such little time?

How can my mind think of you so often when I have only known you for 29 days?

It makes no sense.

But I have learnt that when love comes into the equation time becomes an illusion.

An illusion that sometimes brings us together.

and sometimes takes you away from me.

I leave you after hours of intimate time together, hours of sharing glimpses of the layers and layers of who we are today, who were yesterday and who we hope to be tomorrow.

But as the time ticks for us to part ways my heart beat races.

It races with the want or dare I say need of staying next to you.

But who are you?

You are a man who was a stranger 30 days ago.

Today you are a man I want to uncover.

a man I want to discover.

a man I want to discover me.

a man I want to share the intimate sides of me only a romantic love can see

a man I have been waiting for you for 30 years.

and as I get glimpses of you, I can no longer wait.

Stay with me today,



and forever.

To the man I met 29 days ago, is it crazy to say I love you?

I love you despite logic


I am no longer afraid of saying it.

I love you.

loud and bold.

and as I get ready to sleep my heart races with only the thought of waking up so we can share day 30 with you if I am lucky.

-A woman who lives and loves deeply

Hi Everyone!

This is Aida, Founder of 365 Days of Love <3

First, a big thank you to the inspiring woman in New York for sharing her story. I completely understand how logic and love sometimes don’t fit together and that’s what love is. It is an illogical deep beautiful crazy and most powerful force that I hope we all get hit with.

Second a big thank you to YOU for reading this and taking the time to care for yourself, your heart and your life. If you enjoyed this and have a story or thoughts on love that you would like to share please get in touch (button below). We have 339 more articles to share and we hope to hear from you!



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