Contributed by: An Anonymous Woman

Story from: Amman, Jordan

Having lost someone very dear to me at a relatively young age, the experience taught me many things.

It taught me strength.

It taught me courage.

It taught me about fate.

It taught me about life.

It taught me about death.

But more importantly, it taught me to LOVE.

I know it might sound cliche and repetitive but. . .

life. is. short. 

Today I have learnt to live with a different mindset, the mindset that lives for today. If something or someone makes you happy, say it, show it. Even if it means you can’t show it till forever, but who's to tell when forever ends?

You are living NOW, what if you woke up one morning and the person you love was no longer there? Or you weren't?

After all, what we’re all afraid of is letting down our ego, but our ego isn’t us.


But then you’ll ask, "what if it was a one-sided love?" So what? As long as you know you’ve tried and you put yourself out there, even if the love isn’t reciprocated, to love is to show someone you love them. Otherwise, you’d say I LUST YOU.     

In the end, don’t we all want to be remembered for our courage, strength, faith, and everything we were when we were ALIVE?

“You want live fully? Then you have to love whole-heartedly. . . whilst you still can" 

Hi Everyone!

This is Aida, Founder of 365 Days of Love <3

A big thank you to the inspiring woman from Jordan for sharing her story. It’s such a strong reminder of how we can loose our loved ones at any moment and how we take many of the people around us for granted. What I like to remember is that we all have one thing in common and that is that we are going to die. All of us. Not a single person is immune. So why do we live without really living?

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you live, how do you remind yourself to be present, how do you invest in love and not take life for granted.

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