Contributed by: Dan (I’ll leave my last name out)

Story from: New York, USA

Men have hearts too.

I start with this statement because most of the stories I have read here are about women’s hearts being broken by men. I feel saddened when I read such stories and wish there were more men who took care of the most powerful organ in our bodies - our hearts.

But today I chose to write because I, a 35 year old man, have had my heart broken by a woman I gave everything to. I will spare you the sad story today and tell you what I recognized recently after reading these stories.

I fear loving someone again.

I have been single for 8 years now and have had women come and go but no one has stuck. I did not understand why. Why could I not commit to any of these women? But today I realize its because I fear opening my heart again just to potentially get it stepped on again.

If you see me in life, I look like this incredibly confident and successful man (I can say this because I am being semi-anonymous) but deep down I am scared and feel a lack.

But life is short and I have today right before writing this, decided to open my heart again because true I could have my heart broken but what is also equally true is that I may fall in love happily.

I’m starting to see New York with a bit more green. Pic from TripSavy

I’m starting to see New York with a bit more green. Pic from TripSavy

And even if the latter is a 1% chance, it is a risk I am willing to take because after living life with a blocked and protected heart I know thats living a shadow of a heart. I am ready to live deeper and I hope you do too.