What is your love story?

What is my love story….? I shared many versions, angels, perspectives and thoughts on what my love story is in my head. But as I sit infront of the screen I cannot but help think we are asking the wrong question. Shouldn’t we be asking:

What is your relationship with love?

Love comes in many forms. There is a family love, friends love, work love, significant partner love, God love and self-love.

Regarding significant other love, which is the one I know most people are asking about technically I am single. I do not have a significant other. But being with that status alone carries many questions, meanings and assumptions.

Today with my single status,

I am grounded in love. I live, breathe, speak and act with love.

You may think how could I be in so much love so much that I say I am love when I am single? It is because I have found love in every avenue of my life and I will only continue to foster it until I find the right man and will foster it even more when he one day comes into my life.

My heart carries deep love for God which provides me with my source of infinite love.

My heart carries love for my community both given and chosen family who give me unconditional love.

My heart carries love for my work and it is difficult to even call it work because it is truly my life’s calling and passion.


My heart carries a space that is being nested with love for my future significant other but what is key to note is that this nest has elevated and expanded over the years. So what do I mean by this?


This space in my heart for my significant other aka is mirrored by the love I carry for myself. Because the love you attract is a reflection of the love you have for yourself.

How can you attract a man who will love you to the 10th degree if you love yourself only to the 0.000001?

How can you attract a man who will respect you in 15 years down the line when life gets tougher if you don’t respect yourself?

Today my friend and I were talking about the standards we set for ourselves and we women often surprise and shock ourselves at how we somehow attract the wrong men. Many times stressing over why he hasn't texted, wondering if he is into you etc etc etc etccccccccc

But the problem is not the men but rather our inner state.

The problem is with the standards we allow ourselves to accept. If I valued myself why would I waste a single thought on a man who hasn’t done so for me?

So what is my love state today? I live in love and in a cliche way I feel like I am love. This does not mean that I do not want to find a significant other but what I want to do is meet the right person, the person who embodies the deep respect and love that I deserve. The type of love that I will most certainly unconditionally and fully reciprocate.

With Deep Love & Respect,