Contributed by: Razan Abu Sharia

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Story from: Washington DC, USA/ Amman, Jordan

Traveling from Jordan to DC for my very first time, I have met a lot of new people from diverse backgrounds that own unique mindsets. Two months passed and I don’t know how this happened, but I love has seemed to be the center of many conversations i’ve had. We all seem to have been confronting the thought of love together, ultimately searching for the meaning of it. 



And I thought of it, once, twice, and more, trying to understand and question my ideology of Love. 

One thing I always knew is that love has no rules, nor time. 


Love for me has always meant waiting. Waiting and not settling for anything less. I’ve known that I will never be able to control love, but that it will always come on its own without having me put in the effort. It just will be.


Over time the questions i’ve asked was is love a matter of effort? A matter of fate? Or a matter of self-love before anything else?

These conversations have passed with the days, until I oddly remembered them again in a museum that had nothing to do with love. Visiting the National Museum of American Indians, and reading the word “home” over and over again, I have been questioning how fascinating the idea of our longing for home is. It made me see how “home” is interconnected with “love”, and how we grow up searching for both equally. 


The struggle to find that home seemed very similar to the struggle to find the love we long for. 


Love is the house, home, or place we are always in search for. It is that picture in our head of a perfect rigid juxtaposition of two souls. Home comes in different sizes when love does too. Home is there to accommodate more than one soul when love does too. Home is the escape when nothing is okay when love is too. Home is what keeps our secrets when love does too. Home is the stability that reflects its shine during the day when love does too. Home is where our personal language and state of mind is made when love is too. 

A glimpse of lands from my home, Jordan

A glimpse of lands from my home, Jordan

Love is what you look for when you are away from home, when home is also what you look for when you are away from home. Love is the meaning you give to any home, when home is also the meaning you give to love. Love is what you escape when you do not feel like home, and when your heart is flipping from left to right, when home is also what you escape when you do not feel like love. Love is what creates us, when home is what brings us to life before love. Love is not concrete, but abstract, when home is not concrete but abstract too. Love is a feeling when home is too. Home is not a place, it is a feeling.  

Me during a hike in my home country

Me during a hike in my home country

 An inspiring saying by Yasmin Mogahed is how the word “qalb” in Arabic meaning “heart” in English literally means something of that which turns or flips. It is very similar to how the concept of “home” is. Humans are always in search for that “home”, even when they’re in a home, they are in search of another home. We are never stable, and so is love. 


To understand such dilemma, we have to accept the power of “change” and how it is not always linked to a negative transformation in our lives.

Temporariness is the reality of things.

Hence, this is how our heart works. It flips and turns around every now and then, and this is why we as humans are always struggling in finding that “balance” in life. Love comes from here. It is the school of patience, compromise, and acceptance. But, before starting to search for these three in the other person, we’ll have to find it in ourselves. 


What we invest in ourselves brings home back to its place, just like it brings back love too.

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