“I’ll go to Paris, a city i’ve dreamt about for months when I meet my future husband.”


“I’ll go to this 3 Michelin starred restaurant that i’ve been wanting to try for years, with my future date.”


“I’ll wear a Tiffany & CO ring only when my guy proposes”


How many of you have said things like this? How many of you have put things on hold and waited to live a few of life’s experiences till you meet that special guy (or girl)?


I certainly have. And that is certainly about to change.



Today as I entered the HQ office of Tiffany & CO, I did not know that I would leave a changed woman.

I entered and felt my inner romantic come out with butterflies surrounding her. I remembered all of the different day dreams I had as a little girl imagining my future husband proposing with a Tiffany ring, or surprising me with the signature heart shaped Tiffany necklace. 

Then it hit me that I’m 29 years old today. Granted I am still young in many ways, I am no longer that baby Aida who can put things on hold, day dream, and simply be waiting for that special guy to fulfill her. 

I looked around at the Tiffany boxes and felt a shift in my heart and mind.

I realized that I no longer need to wait for my future man (whoever he may be) to experience many things that life has to offer.


I no longer should put certain experiences on hold as I wait for him to come along because of the single question many of us fear to ask,

what if he never shows up?


I know some of you reading this, your heart just beat a bit faster. Mine certainly did. But this is the reality and a true possibility that I (and you) may never meet the guy who proposes with that dream Tiffany ring I always thought of. 


I may never meet the guy who I will get to tour the most romantic cities in the world with such as Paris.

I may never be dined out at that long list of restaurants I have with the romantic lighting and delicious truffle risotto.


I sure hope I am (and you) one day blessed with love that reaches to that Tiffany ring moment but the mindset of putting these experiences on hold for him is done and it’s honestly about time that it’s done.


So what am I waiting for? .. Nothing, I am going for all the things I want today. Not tomorrow. It’s now a matter of prioritizing what it is that I want to experience and live.


Today after leaving Tiffany & CO, I said goodbye to old Aida who waited for things to happen to her and welcomed the Aida who celebrates life for what it is today and not what it could be tomorrow. 


I celebrate my new self who will always (I hope) keep an open heart for that beautiful possibility of love and I welcome the Aida who invests in love in everything. 

I left Tiffany & CO and entered one of the restaurants on my list and treated myself to the most delicious truffle pasta. It was definitely an over the top mid-day break that I certainly deserved.


Right now, I am the new Aida who is learning how to celebrate herself, from giving herself a Tiffany ring to dining at that 3 star Michlen restaurant to touring Paris with her lovely self - happily alone.


And those two words combined “Happily” + “Alone” are the magic words because

the second you are happy with yourself, when you are so full that you emanate happiness, love and magic, is the second you will create the space for a man worthy of you to enter. 


With that, I’m excited to dive into the chapter of ticking off that check-list, one romantic adventure at a time. I hope you do too as well.

Life is short and don’t live it while waiting on the side lines for someone who may or may not show up. Go for it and don’t look back.


With Love,