Contributed by: Sarah

Story from: San Francisco California, USA

I was single for years and I never understood why. I was beautiful, smart, successful, fit, kind and loving. Friends and ofcourse myself would wonder why have I not met Mr.Right yet?

That question haunted me for a while causing me to have a sense of lack rather than fullness. This lack killed my self-confidence, my self-love and eventually a big part of my personality. Then I don’t know how I just had a switch, an internal switch to be the best person I can be right now and to LOVE who I am today fully with or without Mr.Right.

I started glowing, smiling inside and out and feeling beautiful. I felt so full that I had so much to share with the world. I stopped looking for him, I stopped measuring myself based on my relationship status and funnily enough men starting coming at me left and right in the beautiful streets of San Francisco.

Picture from Business Insider

Picture from Business Insider

You may laugh but I think people are like dogs, they sniff energy. When it smells good aka meaning you are embodied inside with positive feelings they will be attracted to you because who doesn’t want to be around a positive and full person?

I enjoyed seeing the men come. I received text messages from ex’s, from people who met me a year ago and never called but somehow remembered me at this point. I started to be stopped by men while walking the street, in UberPools and my favorite in coffee shops.

Specifically this one day at my favorite cafe in San Francisco.


I remember that day so clearly. I woke up with a heart filled with gratitude. A heart that already felt she had a successful and magnificent day.

A heart that was overflowing with love she had enough to share with the world.

Then I set an intention that I would love to meet the sweet man. The man who embodied my values. I envisioned it and felt it as if he was already with me. Then I let it go.

I dressed up as if I was going to go on a date with life, myself and him. I felt beautiful.

I walked to my favorite cafe and followed my gut on which table to pick. I sat down and carried on with my work. I wondered to myself why my gut told me to pick this table as opposed to the much more beautiful table that was right by the window.


As soon as I asked that question, this handsome man sat on the table right beside me. I kept my cool and didn’t assume it was because of him but I didn’t close the idea of it. I started writing in my notebook and felt him looking my way curious about what I was writing. Then all of a sudden I get a

“Hi, I don’t mean to look at your notebook but I love your handwriting.”

I look up and it was my first time making eye contact with him and I just knew. This is my man. It was a feeling I never experienced before, something I thought were only made for movies.

I smile feeling so full as I am and continue the conversation. Fast forward 5 hours we are still at the coffee shop until they kick us out (how did it become 6 pm already?). I guess time flies when things are just right.

Long story short, today is our 2nd anniversary and I thought it timely to share my love story on 365 Days of Love because I want to tell you that Love exists. Mr.Right or Ms. Right exists. I just learnt you have to be your own Love first. Only then will you be able to make space for the ideal person you are looking for.

He or she can be at the next street corner, at the coffee shop, laundry mat or even in an UberPool. There are really limitless ways you can meet but there is only one true inner love and that is you. So love yourself deeply, celebrate yourself and make space for him/her and he/she will come at the perfect time for you. Trust and have faith.

I wish I had more it and worried less in my single days. I love you whoever you are and I know you are incredibly special. I pray you find a way to celebrate you today.

With Love,


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This is Aida, Founder of 365 Days of Love <3

Thank you Sarah for this beautiful story. It made me smile inside and out.

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