50 stories. 50 lessons. 


365 Days of Love started because I met too many people who asked the question of

how will I meet my future partner? 


My reply was that this is the last question one should ask.




We should be doing the inner work. 


Asking the real and sometimes difficult questions such as:


Do I believe in love? And I really mean do I believe I deserve love? Consciously and subconsciously.


Do I know what I want?


Do I have self-love? The foundation of all love. 


I personally after reading love stories and lessons have grown a lot in love. I have built my self-condifence and most importantly faith in love. I have faced my fears, questions assumptions that I grew up learning and picked up along the way and feel much fuller than I ever have. 


It’s the stories from you that helped me and others grow. We have over 300 stories to go and thousands, if not millions, of people to inspire so we can leave the world with more investors in love.


Share you story and love lesson here. FYI you can be annomyous. 


I truly am honored and grateful,