Contributed by: An anonymous woman

Story from: New Jersey, USA

When you walk on the street and see a couple kissing, hugging and holding hands what is your reaction?

Is it a feeling of happiness for them?


Is it a feeling of annoyance, telling yourself ugh they should keep this stuff at home?

Take a moment to think about it because your reaction to a couples PDA says a lot of where you are with love and your perspective to it.


I personally used to see them and get extremely annoyed, and I mean extremely. I used to walk pass them and just make some sort of annoyed sound, I would go the opposite direction even if it meant a longer route for me and worst off when I left I would feel just angry.

But after seeing such odd and intense reactions I had to reflect to why was this the case.

It didn’t take long to realize that it was the feeling of lack that created those intense feelings. I lacked love and I wanted it. I didn't understand why I didn’t have someone holding my hand, kissing and hugging me in public and thus I backlashed at the people who did have it.

It is hard for me even to write this (hence going anonymous) but it is necessary. Because I know many women who are like me but don’t recognize it.

I’ve learnt that life is pretty simple - what is inside you is reflected outside of you. So if you are feeling a lack of love then you will only be with lack. If you are with love and are love then you will only be a love magnet.

Today after doing some inner work I can proudly say that I walk on the street, see people doing some PDA and I feel just happiness for them. I pray for a blessed love for them and thank God for the love that is in my life and the incredible man that is coming to me soon.

This simple shift in perspective has been instrumental. Life is much more enjoyable this way.

With Love,

A happy woman in New Jersey