“Is this love a forever kind of love?”

Whoever answers yes is bullshitting you (excuse my French). There is no such thing as a guaranteed forever. I do not say this out of bitterness of love, infact I am deeply a hopeless romantic that loves all things love (I founded 365 Days of Love to talk about love everyday so clearly I love love). I am also not saying that marriages and/or relationships cannot last forever.

But I am saying that we need to face that assumption of our romantic relationships lasting forever and realize that there is no such thing as forever. The answer to the why of my statement is simple, it is because we are constantly changing as individuals and change is the only constant in our lives.


Change is in the details.

Are you paying attention to your changes and your partners?

Getting a relationship is hard,

Maintaining a healthy relationship is harder,

and having a healthy relationship for the long-term is even harder.

Healthy relationships requires tons of love, passion, patience and hard work but most importantly it requires awareness and presence to notice and be in tune with who are we today (not yesterday - the person who we were when we entered the relationship).

when friendship meansso much..png

So what’s my point here?

It is that we need to be focusing less on the forever part and focusing more on the present part (which makes for a high probability of a healthy forever).

In every second we as individually are changing, and due to the constant noise around us it’s hard to truly realize what parts of us are changing and what parts need further changing. That change leads us hopefully to grow and to becoming wiser. But whether it leads to growth and wisdom, change still means that you and I change with time. So how can you change with you partner? and is this changing leading you closer to each other or further away to your individual truths?

So as you go out and embark this beautiful rollercoaster called life go into it more present and with life in it, I mean life that you actually live and experience because you are no longer thinking of yesterday or tomorrow but only living in the moment. With that you may just actually have found the formula for being in a deep, healthy relationship because now with being present you get to actually experience and witness the changes in yourself and your partner.

It’s pretty exciting out there. Now lets both go live it.

Lots of Love,