Contributed by: An anonymous woman

Story from: Ontario, Canada

As complete strangers; our pheromones somehow managed to attract us to one another.

You stared and I noticed;

Something about my unique voice, echoed within your soul

Something about my walk; distracted you from the 30 other people in the classroom

Something about me; turned you into someone waiting anxiously to when I came with coffee and wedges; carelessly walking in late Or how i was chewing while the prof was lecturing. Still managing to be her favourite in the class.

You got to me, with your firm, manly presence, sitting in the back of the class, noticing you noticing me.

And I couldn’t figure out what the heck you wanted!

Was I annoying? Walking in late to class with two huge bags creating chaos?

Was I familiar?

Or was it just a normal crush from a stranger?

I did not know but I was curious.


Library. Exams. Late night. 1030PM.

Approached by mysterious stranger.

Gently crawled into my life; saying hello to a couple of his friends; saying hello, we take a class together, no?


Oh boy; what a cutie; we talked for a straight hour before my friend cut it off with “is this the part where you guys hug? Cause wth?” And we both laughed, very shy but also, almost agreeing to what she said. 

That match sparked, we had strong chemistry, I wanted to sit there and talk for hours and hours but the library turned its lights off and we went on with our lives.

I did not think we’ll talk again, but he stayed within reach, talking again randomly in the library or on social media; we became best friends. 

We both had our romantic complications; but we both knew we deserved nothing but the best. We deserved an unconditional love; undivided attention and constant support. We decided to let go of the toxicity of our past; I knew damn well we were made to be only best friends.

but he woke me up and asked, one night around an illegal bonfire we had set up: how do you keep a best friend forever?

I said: you never stop being in touch with them? You stay tight with one another? You promise to not forget them when you move on to the real world?

He said: why don’t you marry them?

I was left speechless, never thinking this would turn into something ever. 

But he touched my hand one day and

the other day he massaged my feet and gave me a hug once and

He. Made. Me. Unfold. 

I explained to him the complexity of a relationship to me; the idea of a shared life, expectations, trust issues, the past, the future, my ideas of men.

He embraced me, with my faults, my fights, my traumas, took me to his shed and whispered,

I promise to make you happy and content.

I promise to push you to further success.

I promise to not let things escalate.

Take your time loving me.

I will always be your best friend first.

I loved this man then. I love him now. I vow to love him forever. My bestfriend and my soulmate, my peace and my passion. All in one person.

Then he reminded me on our engagement and reminded the world under our public post;

“how do you keep a bestfriend forever? you marry them.”

To every man and woman in my life; I wish you never fail to find someone who loves you as a whole; finding perfection within your imperfections. Standing by you when you succeed and hugging you tight when you are breaking down. Someone who is able to fuel your self-love by the fire of their love. And warms your heart by a little smile.

A stranger, who changed my life.

With Love,

Anonymous Woman in Canada

Hi Everyone!

This is Aida, Founder of 365 Days of Love <3

Thank you to the woman in Canada for this beautiful story. Personally for me it was very timely. You reminded me of the importance of letting go of the toxicity of the past and the importance of stepping up and taking action when you find someone you may just love.

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