Contributed by: An anonymous woman

Story from: Washington DC, USA

Isn’t funny how easy it is to hold someone’s hand when there is lust? Isn’t funny how easy it is to take a stranger home but so difficult when emotions become involved?


Last week I met, what I think was, a special man at a café. We spent the day talking, laughing and slowly unfolding each other’s story.


Fast forward 9 hours, I somehow ended with my hand intertwined with his as well as my lips on his lips. 


It was natural and easy. 


We were just two strangers 9 hours ago and at that very moment I saw him and he saw me. 


No thinking, just being.


Fast forward to our next meet-up, I was still the same woman. But he was not the same man. I saw his fences and guard come up. Holding hands was restricted from his end but the chemistry of body and personality still there. I was confused, what happened?


Granted we have not known each other for long at all but I found it just so interesting as a human behavior how it is easy to hold and kiss a “stranger” but how difficult it is to do the same acts with someone who starts seeing you and knowing you. 


I didn’t quite understand it and still do not. 


As I usually find it stranger to kiss a stranger than to kiss someone who knows me. and it was definitely not my norm to quickly kiss someone like this, someone who was a stranger 9 hours ago.


I have no wisdom to leave you but rather an observation, a question, a reflection of what would you do in this situation? Are you more comfortable with the familiar or unfamiliar? Are you comfortable being seen or do you prefer being hidden?


I personally am ready to be seen, heard, felt and celebrated.


And I guess I will wait for the next man who is also at that state, ready to be completely seen and shared with another human being. 

I hope you are also ready to be seen, heard, felt and celebrated because my dear there is no one quite like you and you deserve it, wherever you are in life.

With Love,

A Stranger Who Believes in Love