These past few months have been the busiest of my life (hence the silence on this blog, please do forgive me). I've been essentially doing 3 jobs (1) My 9-5 of building partnerships at an international development firm (2) Organizing a refugees festival in Washington DC under the One Journey Festival (3) My art, motivational speaking and other side things. 

Long story short, i've been so busy leaving very little room for any waste of time and let alone self-care. This meant I really didn't have time to clean my house or do laundry. But to be productive one needs an environment that fosters the sustainability of being so busy, helping them be productive yet relaxed at the same time so as to avoid burn out. 

On Thursday I had one of the longest days of my life starting work at 5:30 am then rush off home at 5:30 pm to make dinner for 6 people who have graciously volunteered their time to help out with the One Journey Festival Communications plan. In my Uber ride I closed my eyes to get whatever sleep I could to re-energize myself. I get out, walk up to my apartment still not fully re-fueled, open the door to my apartment and find it spotless. Everything piled up perfectly, the floor mopped clean, the dishes put away and the windows clear. 

I stop and stood for a good minute and shed a tear. A tear of gratitude, to the incredible woman named Elizabeth who comes to my home and cleans it. I teared because she has created the exact environment I needed to be re-fueled, and to be productive with my 6 guests coming in the next hour. 

Think about it. Could you do your work if you had garbage piling up in your office? Could you have a peaceful walk if dirt was laid all over the sidewalks? Could you have a good nights sleep for several nights if your home stunk of something? The answer is no. So let's take a moment to give deep gratitude to the people serving us so deeply by creating the environment we need to function. Thank you to Elizabeth who brought me peace to my home during a very long and hard-working month. I know I will rely on her more and most importantly appreciate her more. 

There are many Elizabeths' out there, I hope today you take the time to thank them individually. 

With Love,