For the past few days I have tried to take time to write, to share with you some thoughts on love but nothing was coming out.

Silence kept reappearing.

It was not because I felt blocked in love or lacked it rather I felt deeply content.

I felt I neither needed to say, do, push or pull. Rather I just needed to be.

in today's busy world, silence has become one of the greatest luxuries. When it comes to love, finding it and keeping it alive finding those moments of silence has become (I think) even more essential. Because only when there is true silence can true flow come in. Ask yourself: 
When was the last time you neither pushed or pulled but rather just were?

It’s those moments of being in silence, in stillness, in flow that confirms that you are living a life rooted in love and my heart is deeply grateful I got to experience a bit more silence this week (I hope you do too). If you can this week try to take a moment to sit still regardless of whether you are in a relationship with a partner or not because at the end of the day the start of any relationship starts with you. So sit with yourself in silence, listen, experience, live and be with that precious silence that allows you to bloom.

With Love,