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Peace Out External Validation & Hello Internal Compass

Being back home one thing I know for sure is people will voice their opinion about what you are doing with your life whether you like it or not (and whether you asked for it or not). I've heard from people from "You're an inspiration in my life" to "What are you doing wasting your time" to "Why are you making up these stuff". 

I sat there listening to all these different comments and I absorbed the beautiful and hurtful ones. While letting the hurtful ones get to me, I stopped myself and realized people will always have their opinions. If I decide to go down any route available in the alphabet (A, J or Z) someone is going to be happy & supportive and someone is going to try to stop it



But the beauty of this is that you are in control. You decide whether to listen, absorb, ignore or act and for a split second I forgot that. So today I remind myself to always:

  1. Have an open ear to all because you never know what you may learn.
  2. Filter the comments and absorb only the productive ones
  3. Listen to my internal compass on whether i'm doing good with my life - forget external validation because at the end of the day it really does not matter.
  4. Go back out to the world every day even stronger, better, wiser and more committed to making this day beautiful and count. 

Peace out external validation & hello internal compass,