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Launching New Art Project in Amman


Launching New Art Project in Amman

— Be Featured in New Art Project in Amman —

A R T x S T O R Y T E L L I N G



The project will be the following:

  • Identify 8 local people living in Jordan
  • Interview 8 individuals separately to get their story, asking questions to identify their: 
  1. Why's in life (aka sense of purpose)
  2. Characteristics do they choose to lead life with
  3. Biggest things they identify themselves with could be country, religion, quote, people etc. No limits here just you. 
  4. What makes them happy 
  5. What do they want their legacy to be
  6. Additional questions (to be announced later)
  • Go to 8 separate locations to conduct a meaningful photoshoot for their portrait
  • Take their portraits and story and translate each individuals package into a meaningful painting where A R T meets S T O R Y T E L L I N G. 

Why Am I Doing This?

I have found too often people living a life without a strong sense of purpose and only working to pay their dues or living an assigned life. I am here to use the power of art and storytelling to show that you do not have to do that. Today more than ever you can do whatever it is you want, you can actually live your passion. 

Through these 8 people I want to showcase the power of their 'Why's', get people to become more vulnerable and hopefully inspire along the way to dig a bit deeper and live more consciously and with more purpose. Having a more conscious society always leads to a better economy. Jordan - let's dig in.