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Press the Reset Button

This past Saturday I was asked to MC the launch of Hult Prize Jordan’s first ever finals. It was such an incredible opportunity to be part of a meaningful event where ordinary students have the potential to become the generation of social entrepreneurs tackling problems we all directly and indirectly face. Ordinarily one would be nervous about what to say, how to engage the audience, find ways not to fall flat on their face but my biggest fear was would my legs be strong enough to stand during the 6 hour event? 


I’ve thankfully 🙏🏽been officially cured from arthritis since November 2017 and have slowly been coming out of my survival mode mentality and finally allowing myself to live life to my full potential. As my old habit of fear and worry over my health started creeping in, I cut if off with the strongest knife I found which was faith and love.

I stopped myself from going back to the past and reminded myself that God has been so kind to give me my heath again and now I owe it to life, to Him, to every single person who stood by me through the toughest days to take this small role and believe and act like I should – a healthy human being, the reset Aida.


I walked on stage envisioning having left old Aida who couldn’t stand to emboding the new Aida who is the strongest and healthiest she has ever been.

Fast forward, 6 hours later the event ended and I did not feel an ounce of pain. I gave my heart to every blessed moment on stage where I had the honor of standing. And today, I remind myself to embrace the blessings of this moment, to become more aware of the past fears that may temporarily creep in.

My message to you today is let go of the past, let go of whatever held you back and allow yourself to be reset. Allow yourself to be the strong person you were meant to be, the person you are. Go after your dreams and don’t look back. You know today is all we have, so let’s live it fully and consciously. Thanks to Ahmad Ashkar Karim Samra Ayman Arandi for letting me be part of this powerful day