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What's A Successful Life?

What is it that makes a life a good, well lived and successful life? Is it money? The number of friends you have? Your job title? Your looks? The relationships you’ve built?

I’ve done the mistake in the past of taking on too many things because I want to live life to its fullest and say i've done it all. But that’s a failed perspective because more doesn’t mean better; more could mean better but not always. In my case, I realized that I spread myself in so many ways because I wanted to help as many people, have a positive impact and at the end of the day be able to say today was a great day and I made a difference.

But what I oddly somehow forgot, is that depth really matters. With depth you are more impactful and sustainable. It’s like having 50 friends who you see socially versus 5 friends who you know soul to soul, who you can turn to in the ups and downs.

Take a step back and ask yourself: Which theme are you following in life with your efforts -  the 50 or the 5? And how can you live a deeper, richer and more impactful life with what you’ve already got?


Let's live a deep, meaningful and impactful life, with a vision, passion, hard work and most importantly a life built on Love. I’m changing things today with myself and going with theme 5, because I want to live a good, well-lived and successful life.

So please, join me & share your ways of living a successful life!