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Maximim Impact, Minimum Effort

Moving to Washington DC was by far the best decision i've ever taken. Why? Because it provided me with the ecosystem for me to unleash myself personally and professionally. It gave me the opportunity to invest in the “Who are you not to do this?” rather than the typical “Who do you think you are to do this?” as I mentioned in my interview with Laura Lee Designs (more can be found here). 

Today I am so proud of myself to say that I am doing everything that I want. I am in a job that I deeply love with a boss that supports my growth in every aspect and challenges me to grow. I am in some aspects paid to do the things I love after my 9 - 5 job which is dining, eating, writing and shopping. I express myself creatively through my art and further writing. I connect with communities and help spark some form of inspiration through my motivational speaking. 

In summary i'm a social entrepreneur, artist, food critic, writer and motivational speaker. and more importantly I am a woman who has time for herself, for her loving family, friends, spirituality and ofcourse a very important factor - sleep. and I do all this while tackling a health condition - Arthritis. 

Photography by Megan Won

Many people have asked me but Aida there are 24 hours in a day how can you do all of these things? and to do them well?  My answer is 1+1=3. The meaning for this equation will have a separate blog post but for now here are a few rules I stick by to keep me going, expanding and achieving:

  1. Strong passion is essential. If I do not love or am passionate about what I am doing, it will be considered work and my goal is to live life without a single day of work. Passion somehow pumps a much needed energy into a person and attracts great opportunities. 
  2. Have clear intentions. knowing the reasons why you want to do what you are planning really makes the path much easier and fuels you with an energy that is unmeasurable. Life also works better with you when you have clear intentions. 
  3. Track your progress. I start every morning with my famous tracker- the tracker that has every aspect of my life where I list everything I am working on and write down the achievements/plans of the day. 
  4. Small progress is what keeps you motivated. Tracking is essential not only so you know where you are but also for rewarding yourself. We as humans need rewards and if I learnt anything in life, it is that the beautiful and miraculous things happen in the small things in life. So pay attention and celebrate the small achievements.
  5. Reflect often. Keep asking yourself what have you done and how can you do it better. Repeat and envision - Maximum impact, minimum effort. 
  6. Keep champions around you and let go of any extra weight. People who achieve great things will receive criticism whether it is good or bad intentioned from people around them. Keep the good intentioned ones but remove the bad ones immediately. As for the good intentioned ones you have to listen to your gut feeling because sometimes their doubt can get to you and slow you down, but sometimes their input can be helpful. So just pay attention and follow your gut feeling. 
  7. Try something new everyday. This is essential as it keeps you grounded and helps you go out of your comfort zone. Every day I list 3 things I did that pushed me out of my comfort zone and into the magic zone. What were yours for the day? Remember they can be extraordinary and ordinary things (small is indeed beautiful).
  8. Finally, Keep on envisioning and believing in your self and going for it. You will face failure in some aspects but that's one of the beautiful things of success so don't fear it. Go back to your intention, your dream and refuel yourself for another day in this beautiful journey. 

If you ever need some help in brainstorming about achieving your next goal or have some tips for others please reach out to me through my website on the contact page. Looking forward to hearing from you. Hope you have a magical and beautiful day!

With Love,