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365 Days of Love Introduction


365 Days of Love Introduction

Life is full of many options but if you really look at it, life is quite simple. Every decision you take is either taking you closer to what you want or do not want. The question is what leads us to make the decisions to manifest what we want?

My belief is that every decision you take is composed with your 3 biggest and most powerful (often misused) tools:

  1. Your thoughts (both conscious and subconscious)

  2. Your words

  3. Your actions.

Today, wherever you may be and however old you are, you and I are craving something. We all have a desire for this one or more thing that we have been trying to get but haven’t quite achieved it. But have you every thought to ask why have some people been able to achieve their desires so easily while others have faced obstacle after obstacle?

Have you ever heard of those stories of crazy “coincidences” of the person who wanted to open their dream restaurant but couldn’t afford it then all of a sudden meets a person while waiting in the restroom line who happens to be a hotel owner and who just happens to be looking to open a new restaurant.


the person who has been dreaming of meeting the love of their life and just happens to start up a conversation with a stranger in the water section at Whole Foods discussing how awesome JUST Water is. They go on a date then many dates then boom its their wedding day!

There are many more stories like this where somehow the universe seems to be supporting these peoples dreams and things just flow. The question is how is that happening and what are they doing differently?


I believe the answer is quite simple. Lets start with the basic assumptions (aka my beliefs):

  1. The universe responds to your frequency. If you haven’t heard about the law of attraction I suggest you put pause, read about it then come back to this article. Essentially it says if your frequency (energy and quality of your thoughts, words and actions) are positive then you will see positivity back, same thing with negativity.

  2. Nothing is neutral. Every thought, word and action is either investing in the can do or cant do mindset. What are you thinking, saying and doing? Monitoring them is key and consciously adapting those 3 to match your desire.

  3. Our subconscious thoughts are key to understanding the why to our current situation and is often the most under looked and tackled source of blockage and opening. For example if you are consciously thinking that you want love but subconsciously think you do not deserve it then you are sending clashing messages and end up staying single.

These assumptions apply to every desire. After thinking of what is my deepest desire and talking to many of my friends I realized that the most common desire we had was - romantic love. I’ve talked to many single women and men who think they are alone and believe it is extremely difficult and rare to meet someone they could be serious with.

They have turned to inorganic ways to meet men or women such as online dating. This is not to say that online dating is wrong but many of these people including myself didn’t feel right meeting the love of our life over an app. Technology is great but I don’t really want to use it to meet my partner by swiping left or right, just call me old fashioned when it comes to love. Many of these people have turned reluctantly to the apps because they believe it’s almost impossible to meet men or women these days but I strongly disagree and say it all goes back to your 3 assets and how you are using them.

So I have decided for the next 365 articles (an article a day for the next year) i’ll be focusing on Love where every day I'll be giving an example of how I or you could have coincidently met the love of our life. Cheesy right? I think necessary (plus a little bit of cheesiness never hurt! ).

My  art  piece about Love titled Transformative Love.

My art piece about Love titled Transformative Love.

Follow me by subscribing to my blog posts for the next 365 days as we foster the mindset of possibilities in finding love rather than lack of them. I hope this will inspire you to slowly foster the mind set needed to get whatever it is your heart desires. Lets get to exploring!

P.S. If you have a story about love you want to share please do get in touch here. Would love to hear from you and share your stories


With Lots of Love,




What are you giving more weight to?

On this beautiful Friday morning, I went to my favorite coffee shop to read, catch-up on personal stuff and drink real good coffee before I dived into work. I was feeling good and I was envisioning the good day I was about to have. 

I get on a call with my mom then the person infront of me stares at me for a good minute. I thought he may be interested in the language I was speaking, Arabic. But then he interrupts my call by asking if i'm on a conference-call. Confused by this question, he follows up by saying I just ruined his peace and I should't be talking here. I responded, with being so caught off guard, saying but this is a public coffee shop.

He continued to say how I ruined his morning and how I should be quiet. I told him that i'm going to continue my call and he has problems and should work on himself. A fire inside me started rising. I was pissed off and my happy morning wasn't going as planned. He looked at me in disgust, got up and moved tables. 

I shut the phone with my mother and just sat there feeling so shot down asking myself what did I do to this man? and the angry side in me wanted to piss him off. 

Ten minutes later, I couldn't shake it off. I felt the negative energy around me. Then this great guy who works at the coffee shop started talking to me (without knowing what just happened) and said he would love to share some of the figs he just grew.

I looked at him and just wanted to hug him. I knew his fig tree wasn't that big (because how big of a fig tree can you really have in the middle of DC?) but it meant so much to see such a random act of kindness. 

Being positive is constant work, like caring for a plant. It needs to be watered daily. 

Being positive is constant work, like caring for a plant. It needs to be watered daily. 

I started to feel the negativity peeling away and I immediately saw a very clear choice: I either give the negative situation or the positive situation weight. Which one was I going to choose? Was I going to let the rude coffee shop guy ruin my day or was I going to let the incredibly kind gesture of the fig sharing make my day?

Ofcourse, I chose the fig sharing. 

Moral of the story is, everything is a choice. You have a choice to be happy or not, to invest in the negative or the positive. It is always up to you and never think otherwise. You are in control.

With An Appreciative Mind,



Invest in the Positive

I always was happy with my trait of being independent. Even if my family offered to provide I always wanted to provide for myself. Fast forward to the age of 27, I today can’t walk easily without some kind of drug. I’ve tried not taking them but I need them. Yesterday at 2 am after another failed experiment of trying to go drug-free to stay in line with my not needing anything, I felt defeated again after swallowing the two pills.

I let the emotions of defeat overcome me once again, but a split second later I reminded myself that this is all a matter of perspective and investment – Simply, are you going to invest in and commit to the negative or the positive perspective? It is that simple.

In my case my two options were:

  • Option 1 (Negative): Let the drug put me on a leash, where I identify myself as damaged and completely dependent on a thing in the form of a pill and no longer see myself as whole. The future seems pretty grim in this option.
  • Option 2 (Positive): See the drug as a stepping stone, a kind of crutch that will help me to eventually stand on my feet alone. I am still the same Aida, beautiful and strong, where the drug doesn’t define me, it’s just there for me to lean on. The future seems more optimistic in this one.

If you haven’t guessed, i'm choosing option 2 : ) 

As I meet more people in life, I’ve seen how people try so hard to cover up their vulnerable points, their pains and scars but I realized we as humans are not meant to be alone. We need each other, we need community, we need support. Asking for help doesn’t make you any less strong or beautiful or pure. In-fact, by being vulnerable and allowing yourself to lean on other things will create the space for a quicker recovery.

 So with this today, I am training myself (because it is hard work) to invest in & commit to the positive over and over again and to keep myself open for the people who need someone to lean on. Maybe you can do the same for yourself, family, friend..maybe even a stranger. 

With Love,