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Friends to Partners: Day 7 of 365 Days of Love

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Friends to Partners: Day 7 of 365 Days of Love

Welcome to 365 days of love! If you’ve been following the daily stories, welcome back! If this is your first time reading, amazing to have you and welcome! Here is the brief introduction to what we are doing here, but essentially I (and hopefully you by sharing your stories) are sharing one story a day for the next year (365 to be exact) to show incredible ways we could meet the love of our life as well as share insights on the thing we all crave the most as humans - Love. Why? Because we want to be the people who invest in possibilities rather than impossibilities (as well as increase the amount of love in our lives).

Every story would fall in one of the following categories (the category in bold is the one that we will discuss today):

  1. Fictional story of where we could have met someone today (fostering the mindset of possibility)

  2. Factual story of a love story (inspiring us from real life stories)

  3. Insights/thoughts about love



Earlier this year in Lebanon I attended an inspiring event that brought youth together to inspire them to create social impact. There had to be over 300 people each buzzing with excitement from a combination of their natural youth, the fancy pink lights and the $250k ticket prize about to be awarded.


Being a person who is sensitive to energy I quickly gravitated to two individuals who were glowing (for this article I will call them Hiba and Khalid as they asked to be anonymous). In this event filled with brilliant people I spent a significant amount of time with them and found myself not wanting to leave their company. I could not tell at the time whether it was their energetic young energy, their love for social impact or love for each other but I knew there was something special about them two. Today I finally know why.

This week during my call for stories for 365 Days of Love, I heard from Hiba*. She shared her story with me about how that night when we met in the hills of beautiful Lebanon, Khalid* confessed his love for her.

They have been friends for years and on that buzzing night he took the plunge and leaped to risk their friendship to tell her how he felt.

He has loved her secretly for two years and she had no idea. She did too.

It’s all in his eyes. Where I find the hue of the most magical things in life and all my reasons why. They are kind you could lost in …and I guess I did.
— Anonymous woman (Hiba*)

In looking back I could see the mutual respect and love they had for each other. The details in how attentive he was to her, not being afraid to have her lead a conversation, making sure she had something to drink and just seeming in awe when she spoke. She very much mirrored that exact love, respect and attentiveness.


Hiba* in her story to me says in poetic speech:

It’s the way he carries his heart in his eyes and I swear I saw my name there more than once. Like a deep ocean they immerse my soul entirely and I am not afraid of drowning.

In his eyes, I knew I might burn but I just had to inch a little closer. I took the plunge.

In his eyes, my worlds have been stolen away making me happily lost inside his, my new world. My me home.

In his eyes, all time stops, mirrored by the clocks that stop ticking the moment I stared into them.

In his eyes, my soul pointed at him and whispered to my heart “him”.

My heart showed me in light form that “everything will be ok” in a sky with a million people that went unnoticed. 

With my eyes locked to his, I knew he is all I want.

With my eyes locked to his, time had a different and new profound meaning.

Today I ask for time to be kind to us, for me to fulfill my wish of graduating with him, growing with him, succeeding with him, and never loosing him.

With our eyes locked to each other, I ask God to keep him for me today and every day.

This beautiful and sweet story is just a reminder that love could be standing right next to you and you would never have guessed it. It reminds me how your longest friends can actually become the best partners, the partners you dreamt of who were standing right beside you all those years.

It also taught me that details matter. The way he introduces you, the way he looks at you, the small attentive things (or lack of) matter. So as you embark on your journey of love take a moment to be aware of those precious and very telling details.

Thank you to the beautiful couple (names anonymous) for sharing that special night with me and more importantly for sharing a glimpse of your love story to inspire more people to invest in love. I deeply look forward to celebrating love at your future wedding and every single day.

Thankful for knowing you both, may God bless every moment in your life.

With Lots of Love,


A big thank you for reading this and taking the time to care for yourself, your heart and your life. If you enjoyed this and have a story or thoughts on love that you would like to share please get in touch (button above). We have 358 more articles to share and we hope to hear from you!


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The Dream: Day 2 of 365 Days of Love


The Dream: Day 2 of 365 Days of Love

Day 2 of the launch of 365 Days of Love initiative and I’ve received many inspiring, deep and raw stories. But the one that I felt I must share today is a true story of an incredible man (and dear friend) who had what was supposed to be a fun dream of him being a girl turned into a nightmare because of the threat of Kavanaugh coming into his dream.

As you read you will see, the act that has happened with Kavanaugh is scarring to many us on numerous levels including a man’s dreams. Below is an excerpt of his thoughts (read the full article below):

If you speak up, telling what happened to you, you will be condemned, society will support him, particularly if he comes from the same privileged set you come from. (Oh yes, you might have thought you had privileges, you may have felt entitled because you live in a nice neighborhood, your family drives a luxury car, and your sister goes to an elite college. But you’re only a girl. Wait until some Kavanaugh boy stumbles into your life – then you will learn what privilege means. The ultimate privilege, the get-out-of-jail-free card, is solely reserved for boys and men.)

If you don’t speak up, then you avoid the public horrors, but you subject yourself to the private ones, the dentist drills of guilt and shame, boring into your legs, your head, your heart, the center of your being, sapping your self-confidence at unpredictable times, lying in ambush to make you collapse when you least expect it. 

How does this relate to love you may ask? In my opinion it has everything to do with it because if all men valued women (and saw them not as a sexual object rather a woman of love and the potential holder of life) we would never hear a story like this.

I hope as you read this you take a moment to think:

  1. How you as a woman can better protect yourself from being in such a position. Sadly many men are still out there.

  2. How you as a woman can heal (especially if you have first-hand experience in such unfortunate events) and how you can love again without the fear ruling your life

  3. How you as a woman can speak up more to share your stories (I know it’s hard to share traumatic stories, i’ve been there too).

  4. How you as a man can become more conscious of your thoughts, words and actions to show more respect to women

  5. How you as a man can speak up more to be the true supporter of women you are meant to be.

Lets make sure our children’s children never have to have a dream like this let alone a reality like this. Let’s put an end to the Kavanaughs of our world today.


Article contributed by Alec Hansen

Tunis, Tunisia

I had a most unusual dream last night. I dreamed I was a girl. I can’t remember the last time that happened. Maybe a few times in my life.

The dream started out wonderful. I was young, I was in high school but hadn’t been there long. I felt quite special, because my older sister was taking me to a friend’s fancy beach house. It was sunny, the beach resort was famous, and I had some freshly grown breasts and long legs that I planned to show off in a new bikini that I would never wear around my parents. I was far from home and I was clearly going to have a great time. 

We were pulling up to the beach house in a convertible, and my sister was talking to me. Even in the dream it felt like a dream, a dream come true. There were sand dunes near the house, I caught a glimpse of the sea beyond, and we were not far from a boardwalk where I would meet new people, my sister’s college friends, and of course lots of strangers. I was in for an adventure, and I was ready for it. 


My sister is talking, and I’m only half listening because I’m just feeling all of these feelings, drinking it all in, and tingling with anticipation. But something she says pierces through my daydream, “this just might be your Kavanaugh Weekend.” At first I’m not really sure what she’s talking about. But as she continues talking, I start making the connections, and it’s like a dark cloud has appeared in my sunny sky, a feeling of uncertainty that grows into dread. 

That’s it. I woke up, and puzzled over what it meant, and why I was so disturbed. What a rare experience to dream that I’m a girl on a beautiful beach, and it should have been cool but somehow it got ruined by one remark. I had gone to sleep the previous evening after watching clips of the Kavanaugh hearings, filled with stories of high school and college girls who were out having fun and suddenly, out of the blue, were subjected to traumatic, life-changing experiences. 

My big sister in the dream was trying to protect me, to prepare me to always have my guard up. But the way it was put, it wasn’t even like ‘do the following things to prevent it, let’s make sure that this never happens to you.’ Instead, the way she put it was more fateful, like ‘it could happen this weekend, it could happen another time, it happens to all of us some time. You never know when or where, but it’s always lurking out there. And when it does happen, it may happen so fast that you won’t be able to do anything about it. But it will change your life.’ Behind it was a menace that yes there will be boys, fun boys, funny boys, smiling boys, charming boys, most of them nice, and all the pleasures of friendship, swimming, talking, kissing and more available; but one or two of them is a potential Kavanaugh. Oh, and by the way, it’s not just the boys, there are also the young men, to whom you are merely a ripe piece of fruit that they are planning to pick. And let’s not forget the middle-aged men, who could be teachers or priests or coaches or doctors. Not to mention the old men... 

This idea that there are predators out there who are attracted to the sunny beaches with the pretty girls, was so chilling. The innocence and vulnerability of the girl I inhabited in that dream was so delicious, she was so open to the experiences she was about to have. There are other menaces that she would need to be vaguely aware of going to the beach – robbers who might steal her mobile phone, undertow that could drag her out to sea – but those are known menaces, and if a robber were caught, he would be condemned by all of society. The insidious danger of the Kavanaugh Weekend was that if something happened of that type, you would suddenly find yourself in a looking-glass world, where up is down and down is up. Fairness goes out the door, justice is elusive at best. 

If you speak up, telling what happened to you, you will be condemned, society will support him, particularly if he comes from the same privileged set you come from. (Oh yes, you might have thought you had privileges, you may have felt entitled because you live in a nice neighborhood, your family drives a luxury car, and your sister goes to an elite college. But you’re only a girl. Wait until some Kavanaugh boy stumbles into your life – then you will learn what privilege means. The ultimate privilege, the get-out-of-jail-free card, is solely reserved for boys and men.)

If you don’t speak up, then you avoid the public horrors, but you subject yourself to the private ones, the dentist drills of guilt and shame, boring into your legs, your head, your heart, the center of your being, sapping your self-confidence at unpredictable times, lying in ambush to make you collapse when you least expect it. 

Marry, and you will regret it; don’t marry, you will also regret it; marry or don’t marry, you will regret it either way.
— In Either/Or, Søren Kierkegaard writes

Speak up, or don’t speak up, either way, you will regret it. And it’s not just a one-time decision. At the tender age of 15, guileless Christine Blasey chose not to speak up; 36 years later, still guileless but deeply concerned for the sanctity of the highest court in the land, now Professor Christine Blasey Ford, she has finally spoken up, and the regret, the terror she feels, is palpable.

How can I interpret my dream? Only through the filter of my own experience and feelings, and as a man, those are necessarily limiting. Nevertheless, as a person, I’m also gifted with the capacity for compassion and even empathy, which can develop over time with experience. In my life I can truly say that my relationships with women have not been conquests, they have been with loving teachers. From the same tender age as Christine was, I have been blessed with relationships that helped me to slowly, slowly peel away the insensitivity and crassness that seems to be my default inheritance. But it’s a work in progress.

I sometimes tease my wife that if I could have her body for a week, I would have much more fun with it than she has, but at the end of the week when she got it back, she would have a somewhat lower reputation. From my point of view, as a man, I realize it’s a crass joke, but I always regarded it as fairly harmless, one we can share in privacy and laugh about. And (in case that hadn’t occurred to you) it’s meant as a compliment: you’re a beautiful person, and that means you could get more out of life, if only you didn’t have these pesky inhibitions. Only now, after waking from this dream, can I appreciate how cruel this joke has been, why her response is so seldom lighthearted laughter, why her reaction is more often tinged with a darker heaviness. And even when she does laugh, she never lets the moment pass without an emphatic “that’s exactly why I would never, ever lend you my body for a week!” Her vehemence never fails to impress me. My wife is a courageous woman, and she cares much less for her reputation than her inner peace. I think her vigilance comes from an appreciation that what seems to me to be a harmless fantasy of a hedonistic adventure carries much darker undertones of unhealable inner wounds, which in my version of the fantasy are mere quibbles. 

Without irony, since the day we met, I have called her a goddess, but she seems to appreciate the double-edged nature of being born beautiful. I only recently became aware of the haunting poignancy of the gift of beauty, when I read Madeline Miller’s novel Circe. One of the two goddesses who seduced Ulysses in the Odyssey (or did he seduce them?), Circe is a specific type of goddess called a nymph, whose only two superhuman powers are beauty and immortality. Miller’s Circe explains, “Brides, nymphs were called, but that is not really how the world saw us. We were an endless feast laid out upon a table, beautiful and renewing. And so very bad at getting away.” Sailors, pirates, adventurers and even the messenger god Mercury would descend on her island at any time, and have their way with her, and most of these goddesses were completely defenseless to resist. Under such circumstances, immortality becomes a torture, because the higher gods didn’t see fit to give them any powers of resistance. Of course, like my ‘week with a woman’s body’, the predicament of the nymphs is a male fantasy, created by Homer and countless other ancient bards, and it took Miller’s tender retelling to help me to see the other side of the coin, with eerily modern echoes.

Believe a girl, you will regret it; if you do not believe her, you will also regret it; if you believe a girl or you do not believe her, you will regret both; whether you believe a girl or you do not believe her, you will regret both.
— Later in the same paragraph in Either/Or, Kierkegaard writes 

 I suppose some U.S. Senators today are writhing in that Kierkegaardian existential angst, existential in the sense that they fear that doing the right thing may lead to them no longer existing as senators. Voting against the nomination would put them in danger of being voted out of office by the rabid hordes who felt gratified by Kavanaugh’s performance on Thursday, whose purple-faced incoherent defiant sneering self-pitying fury made him their righteous hero. 


For me the (sometimes painful) lessons learned from my sweet teacher/lovers, the rising drumbeat of #MeToo, my friends who have experienced sexual harassment and abuse, and now this most recent chapter with the Supreme Court hearings have culminated in a dream, in which two words – Kavanaugh Weekend– could pierce the tantalizing dream fabric and rip it to shreds. My dream of being a girl started out enticing and ended up deeply disturbing. For too many women, it is a living nightmare. 

I hope I can stay conscious of this feeling the next time I’m confronted with the towering edifice of male privilege and entitlement, and serve as a material support to my sisters in this world, rather than standing by gawking, or unconsciously reinforcing to the edifice. Otherwise this is going to take way too long.



Alec Hansen


365 Days of Love Introduction


365 Days of Love Introduction

Life is full of many options but if you really look at it, life is quite simple. Every decision you take is either taking you closer to what you want or do not want. The question is what leads us to make the decisions to manifest what we want?

My belief is that every decision you take is composed with your 3 biggest and most powerful (often misused) tools:

  1. Your thoughts (both conscious and subconscious)

  2. Your words

  3. Your actions.

Today, wherever you may be and however old you are, you and I are craving something. We all have a desire for this one or more thing that we have been trying to get but haven’t quite achieved it. But have you every thought to ask why have some people been able to achieve their desires so easily while others have faced obstacle after obstacle?

Have you ever heard of those stories of crazy “coincidences” of the person who wanted to open their dream restaurant but couldn’t afford it then all of a sudden meets a person while waiting in the restroom line who happens to be a hotel owner and who just happens to be looking to open a new restaurant.


the person who has been dreaming of meeting the love of their life and just happens to start up a conversation with a stranger in the water section at Whole Foods discussing how awesome JUST Water is. They go on a date then many dates then boom its their wedding day!

There are many more stories like this where somehow the universe seems to be supporting these peoples dreams and things just flow. The question is how is that happening and what are they doing differently?


I believe the answer is quite simple. Lets start with the basic assumptions (aka my beliefs):

  1. The universe responds to your frequency. If you haven’t heard about the law of attraction I suggest you put pause, read about it then come back to this article. Essentially it says if your frequency (energy and quality of your thoughts, words and actions) are positive then you will see positivity back, same thing with negativity.

  2. Nothing is neutral. Every thought, word and action is either investing in the can do or cant do mindset. What are you thinking, saying and doing? Monitoring them is key and consciously adapting those 3 to match your desire.

  3. Our subconscious thoughts are key to understanding the why to our current situation and is often the most under looked and tackled source of blockage and opening. For example if you are consciously thinking that you want love but subconsciously think you do not deserve it then you are sending clashing messages and end up staying single.

These assumptions apply to every desire. After thinking of what is my deepest desire and talking to many of my friends I realized that the most common desire we had was - romantic love. I’ve talked to many single women and men who think they are alone and believe it is extremely difficult and rare to meet someone they could be serious with.

They have turned to inorganic ways to meet men or women such as online dating. This is not to say that online dating is wrong but many of these people including myself didn’t feel right meeting the love of our life over an app. Technology is great but I don’t really want to use it to meet my partner by swiping left or right, just call me old fashioned when it comes to love. Many of these people have turned reluctantly to the apps because they believe it’s almost impossible to meet men or women these days but I strongly disagree and say it all goes back to your 3 assets and how you are using them.

So I have decided for the next 365 articles (an article a day for the next year) i’ll be focusing on Love where every day I'll be giving an example of how I or you could have coincidently met the love of our life. Cheesy right? I think necessary (plus a little bit of cheesiness never hurt! ).

My  art  piece about Love titled Transformative Love.

My art piece about Love titled Transformative Love.

Follow me by subscribing to my blog posts for the next 365 days as we foster the mindset of possibilities in finding love rather than lack of them. I hope this will inspire you to slowly foster the mind set needed to get whatever it is your heart desires. Lets get to exploring!

P.S. If you have a story about love you want to share please do get in touch here. Would love to hear from you and share your stories


With Lots of Love,