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Al Hobb Al Jameel

Imagine your greatest love. Imagine experiencing it. Now if it was your greatest love, it would include plenty of surprises and I believe it would be better than you ever imagined it to be. This painting is about the love that is so beautiful it surprises you in almost every way. The colors, and textures have an alien (or foreign) feel to them, but foreign in the best way possible. The surprising elements do not just relate to a romantic love, but to anything you love whether in your personal or professional life. This painting is all about the beautiful surprises that nourish you. This painting is further part of the Whole Humans collection that reminds us that we are always whole in our spectrum of emotions and being, which is why I chose the round nature of the canvas.


Finger painted acrylic with 3 layers of professional grade paint.


48 inches in diameter | 4 feet

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